How to order

Call or text us at 702-463-5604 and tell us the restaurant of your choice. We'll tell you what location to call and when we can have a driver there to pick your order up. Place your order under the name " Danny " for pickup. Do not tell them your sending a delivery service, it will just confuse them. 

We'll send a driver to pay for your food and deliver it straight to you!

Text or call your order in and we'll send a driver to you asap!

Fill out our online form, call, or text us at 702-463-5604 and tell us what type of delivery you'd like. You can get an idea of our pricing by checking out our " Prices " page. We will get back to you promptly to confirm the order and give you a time

frame to expect the delivery to arrive. 

**Please note** 

We are not responsible for any restaurant or fast food errors

Grocery & Retail Stores

Text us your list at 702-463-5604 or order online and we will usually be there in 60-90 minutes!

Fast Food or Errands

For Restuarant Delivery