Las Vegas Strip & Gift Deliveries $20-$30 plus 10-20% gratuity

All deliveries to or from any casinos or hotels  $20 min plus 10% gratuity

gift deliveries start at $30 plus %20 gratuity



South Las Vegas Blvd. "Office Base" $10-$20 plus 10-20% gratuity

The 89123 zip code is where we started A.U.W.D. and we offer a $10 delivery charge for just about anything being picked up in 89123 and delivered in 89123. Exceptions would be groceryill over


Southern Highlands $20 plus 10-20% gratuity

Get just about Anything you want delivered to Southern Highlands for $20. We have lots of customers in Southern Highlands who call us for restaurants and other products from the heart of the strip, Green Valley, Henderson, and even Summerlin


Downtown $20 plus 10-20% gratuity

So you're staying downtown, but you want something uptown, and don't want to drive all around town to get it. Good news!! For as little as $20 we deliver things from all over the city to downtown all the time! We've delivered Whole Foods, Lucille's BBQ, Mac Cosmetics, and documents downtown to name a few!


Mountain's Edge $20 plus 10-20% gratuity

The great thing about Mountain's Edge is it's kind of far away from the heart of the city, the bad part about Mountain's Edge is when you need something from the heart of the city it's kind of far away! Give us a call and in about an hour it will be at your door!  For $20 we bring things like Yardhouse, Whole Foods, Buffalo Wild Wings, and video games up there all the time


Summerlin $20-$40 plus 10-20% gratuity

Delivery to Summerlin from all over the valley!! Till 3 am.. Need I say more?


Henderson & Green Valley $20 plus 10-20% gratuity

From the Anthem clubhouse to the Wildhorse Estates, we deliver just about anything you want all night and all day!